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8 years ago

HP iLO (needs v4 or newer) via SNMP


Locator codes are below:

2DPK2W   iLO_fans
KGPGDL   iLO_memory_modules
LAPXRG    iLO_physical_drives
7Y22RG    iLO_power_supply
6ZANTZ    iLO_storage_controller
YFADGD  iLO_temperature

I grouped them into a group called "HP iLO"

To apply more automatically, create a sysOID mapping so auto adds a category of 'HP_iLO'

This is for people who want to monitor via the iLO. Be aware there are other ways to monitor HP hardware (if your OS is VMware, it's included if you monitor the 'host'. If your OS is Windows or Linux, you can install HP software and pass-thru the OS. See