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  • Hello we have a webserver running several websites. We want to monitor all of the websites.

    The option to \'\'monitor a web page\'\' under the site would be ok, but it does not give the option to specify a host header, or parse the return result of any script that we run to confirm the site is up

    The services option might be ok, but our sites are not all available from the internet, so need to be tested from the collector.

    What options have I got to do this?


  • Thanks Michael,rnI spent some time with support getting this working today. I found the documentation very confusing. When I tried to do it myself I followed this doc:rn specifically says For Wildcard Value, enter the URL path, without the host.rnI read without the host and that lead me to believe that it couldnt be done with host headers.rn rnThanks, Simon.