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6 years ago

How to do arithmetic operations in Virtual datapoints


I have 3 datapoints added in my widget. I want the cumulative value of those 3 data points, so that I can display it as a single value on my graph Widget.

I am trying to do the addition as Datapoint1+Datapoint2+Datapoint3. But my graph representation is showing the error as "Invalid virtual datapoint expression".

Not sure what is the problem here. Could anyone please help me to add all the required datapoints and display it as a single value on graph.

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  • I'm guessing something to do with the names of the DataPoints. Did you rename your Datapoints in the widget (some let you do that)? I've had something like this before where I renamed table columns from like "UptimeDays" to "Uptime (Days)" and the calculation options doesn't like that.

  • Below link contains the expressions which can be used in defining the Virtual Datapoints

    This site has the format how to use the arithmetic operators also. I found the expression for the addition is "x+y".

    I assumed 'x' is the 1st datapoint and 'y' is the 2nd datapoint. So used my datapoints in the same way. But I have not got any results for the expression, only the error message saying "Invalid virtual datapoint expression".

    Could anyone please help me on this?

  • That is correct. Can you provide more specific technical details? What DataSource/Widget are you attempting to edit exactly? What is the exact expression you are attempting to use? etc.