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8 years ago

Hourly Report for trends

Currently there is no option to have a scheduled hourly report for trends. I believe this is quite important to gauge the performance of critical component and scale it accordingly. This is quite required to optimize our resources.

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  • Just complaining to my rep about this as well. They sent me here to post my request for this. It is a big deal that i have to use another product to get this info when the same data is collected by logic monitor.

  • Hi Gents - 
    We have avoided an hourly trend report because we've found it tends to generate more noise than value, and once we start generating noise people stop listening to what matters.  With the variety of alert thresholds and the historical view of trends in the account, combined with forecasting reports, we haven't had many requests for this type of information.

    Can you give us some specific examples of where this would be helpful for you?  That will help us identify the best way to meet your needs.