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8 years ago

High WMI Task Queue

I have a high WMI task queue on my collector for approx. 56 devices. I suspect I have a device that is enabled for WMI but is not responding. How do I find which device is delaying the tasks? Or should I consider something else first?

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  • Hi Ben,

    Uing the collectors debug facility detailled in this help page can show you which devices are failing to respond to wmi.

    The command to use would be !tlist c=wmi

    This will show a long list of all wmi tasks on all 56 devices, search through for any that do not say OK, (a good tip here is to use control-F and search for "WMI query task failed")and the relevant device name will be shown along with an error message, If you need further help just hop onto chat where I or a colleague would be glad to help you, I had a look at your collector and can see several hosts failing wmi but I obviously wont paste them in here as this is a public forum.