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8 years ago

Hidden device group memberships

Please add an option on group objects to hide the group from being vivisble in the Alert widget's Group column.

Please see attached screen cap.  I have some devices which are members of two device groups. One group (Interoute) is the business service, the other (Routers Primary) is used purely to gather all devices of a type together to run a report against.   I don't want the Routers Primary group to be visible in the Alert widget Group column.  A checkbox on the group object to hide from widgets would be ideal.



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  • I'll second this. A hide option and an option to be included as a breadcrumb group. 

  • Having group names visible in the Group column also violates the roles model.  If a role does not have View rights to a group, then this group should not be visible in the Groups column either.  This should be regarded a bug, I would say as it exposes something we are trying to prevent from being exposed by using roles.