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5 years ago

groovy code library support

I just cannot bring myself to paste the same complex code into multiple LogicModule scripts, leaving little land mines scattered randomly.  I was working today on a general template for using the API from within LogicModules using code I found scattered around different modules (we keep backups of everything, making it somewhat easy to search for those).  Just a few things I noticed:

   * all the code is different
   * nothing I found so far accounts for API rate limiting
   * various inefficiencies exist in at least some of what I found

The correct solution to all of this is to make a library feature available so we can maintain Groovy functions and such in one place, calling them from LogicModule scripts.  It is very sad to see how little re-use is possible within the framework at all levels, and this one is especially bad in terms of maintenance and things breaking easily when changes are made in the API backend.

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  • Something akin to ServiceNow's Script Includes feature would be good.