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8 years ago

Google Stackdriver integration

We are developing and deploying our next generation business services on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP).  Our GCP services log events which are picked up by Google Stackdriver.  Stackdriver has the usual ways of forwarding events (SMS, email, etc), and a webhooks options, whereby the event can be posted to a web endpoint as a JSON payload.  Please can you add a LogicMonitor webhook endpoint.  This would be useful for other use cases too where applications and services need to send events as a HTTP post.

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  • Hey Mosh - We're sorting out options on the ingest front currently.  The request we here most often is to bring in data from statsD or consul, but a generic endpoint is certainly part of the discussion.  We should know more about direction & timing in the next few months.

  • I'd like to have integration with GCP too. I don't have any specific requests, whatever you could get from them would be great :)/emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" title=":)" width="20">

  • HI @Annie Dunham

    Any update on the Google Cloud Platform Stackdriver integration please?  We really need this now, and I want to avoid having two panes of glass (LogicMonitor and Stackdriver) where we currently have a single pane of glass (LogicMonitor).

  • Also interested in this, albeit not sure exactly what we'd be looking to gain from it (yet).