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8 years ago

Google Apps Script to LogicMonitor REST API

I am trying to use the REST API from Google Apps Script but having trouble getting the auth signature to match the expected values.  The code executes but I get HTTP 403 back because the auth signature is not as expected.  Here's my Google  Apps Script code, hoping someone from LM can point me in the right direction.  

I know my accessKey etc. are okay as my PowerShell code works just fine.

Thanks in advance.


  var httpVerb = "GET";
  var epoch = (new Date).getTime();
  var resourcePath = "/device/groups";
  var queryParams = "?filter=fullPath~Business Services&fields=id,name";

  // Construct signature 

  var requestVars = httpVerb + epoch + resourcePath;

  var message = requestVars;
  var secret = accessKey;
  var signature = Utilities.computeHmacSha256Signature(message, secret, Utilities.Charset.UTF_8);
  var signatureHex = "";

  for (var i = 0; i < signature.length; i++)
    signatureHex += (signature).toString(16);
  signatureHex = signatureHex.split("-").join("");  

  signature = Utilities.base64Encode(signatureHex);
  // Construct HTTP request headers 

  var auth = "LMv1 " + accessId + ":" + signature + ":" + epoch;
  var options = 
    "Authorization" : auth,
    "method" : httpVerb,
    "contentType" : "application/json"
  var url = "https://" + accessCompany + "" + resourcePath + queryParams;

  var response = UrlFetchApp.fetch(url, options);



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    Hi Mosh,

    I added a Node.js example for our REST API, similar to what you're trying to do, on this page:

    It may need slight modification to work with the Google Apps Script Editor - I can try to come up with a version that works for Google Apps Scripts.  In the meantime, you can use this page to troubleshoot:  The issue is probably in the calculation of the signature, and that page provides static values as well as what signature and intermediate values you should get for those static values.




  • Hi Sarah,

    Unfortunately I can't use the CryptoJS library in the Google Apps Script environment, not without having to make changes.  Google provides it's own HMAC SHA 256 functions in their Apps Script Utilities class, but I don't appear to be getting the same results.  It would be good to have a native GAS example that only uses the GAS Utilities library for the HMAC and Base 64 stuff.  

    I used what seems like the obvious function from the GAS Utilties class based on your Python sample code, but the results are not the same.

  • I've figured it out! :)/emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" title=":)" width="20">  Needed to convert the byte array returned by Google's HMAC signature function into a  hexadecimal string before base64 encoding it.


  • For info, HMAC byte array conversion to hex string.

    var HexUtils = 
      convertByteArrayToHex : function(byteArray)
        var hex = "";

        byteArray.forEach(function(byteValue) { hex += HexUtils.convertByteToHex(byteValue) });

        return hex;  

      convertByteToHex : function(b) 
        var hexChar = ["0", "1", "2", "3", "4", "5", "6", "7","8", "9", "a", "b", "c", "d", "e", "f"];
        return hexChar[(b >> 4) & 0x0f] + hexChar[b & 0x0f];