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4 years ago

Get the number of Weighted Instances despite being under Collector instance threshold

Hey guys,

I want to forward the feature request of Having the number of WEIGHTED instance count displayed, even when under Collector RAW Instance Count threshold.


So we as an MSP have been pushing Collector usage to really weird and unconventional scenarios.

Often we have to justify why certain number of resources provided to us in the VM/s clients provide us are not helpful.

Usually we can get away with it since once the RAW Instance count of, say a large collector, goes beyond 20k and our collector is still functioning very well since the weighted instance count is like 5k.

It becomes difficult when we have 20k of RAW instances, or even less, but the weighted instance is much much more. We get into a position of  WHY DID X WORK? THEY HAVE THE SAME/LESS NUMBER OF INSTANCES.


It is especially painful, when we wish to request more resources, because more devices are inbound for monitoring, that will definitely explode the Weighted Instance count and make monitoring impossible.

For very large and process oriented clients we need a referenceable number to point to. And raw instance count often does not cut it, especially if the instances are heavy duty, and worth 3 instances, therefore the weighted instance are 3x.