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8 years ago

General Deployment Collector Now Available

The latest General Deployment (GD) Collector is now available in your LogicMonitor portal.  This Collector version will become our next mandatory version, and includes everything in Collector versions GD 21.0, EA 21.019 and EA 21.020. Please go ahead and upgrade your collectors in use to this latest GD22. The release notes can be found at 

 Highlights include:
* Our AutoProperties subsystem previously relied on detecting system OID, system info and system IP properties successfully with one version of SNMP before these device properties were set for the device.  That was causing issues in some cases where not all properties were detected.  In these       cases, we now use the SNMP version that provided the most properties and set those properties for the device.      

* We've changed the way we calculate Netflow and sFlow in/out bytes to make Top Flow data more accurate in certain cases.

* We've added more detail to the !nsplist and !nspdetail debug commands, including device DNS, system name, properties and more.

* We’ve added support for a local collector configuration file, agent.conf.local. Any configurations added to this local file will override the generic agent.conf configuration file, and the agent.conf.local file won’t be editable via the LogicMonitor UI. This enables you to configure settings such as debug.disable=false and remotesession.disable=true, without worrying about these security settings being changed from the web UI.


If you notice any issues related to this collector, please contact us in support ( so we can investigate with you.