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8 years ago

Gathering the Windows Service Packs

The data sources below will gather the service packs from Windows Servers and alert if the system is not on the latest service pack. As new service packs are released, you will need to update the alerting level. Since you do this manually, it gives you the opportunity on when to start alerting, or you can set it to the latest to create a list of servers in your organization that need upgrading.

2003 - CLDJYT
2008 - TYAYTD
2008 R2 - 97DY2F
2012 - HMKPFL
2012 R2 - W2HKGR
2016 - YZWNTM

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  • Neat.
    An example of something you dont really need to poll hourly; ability to poll less often would be nice for extra WMI data.

    Certainly gives me some ideas.

  • Agreed, I originally had this at the longest interval that LogicMonitor offered, which I think was once every 8 hours or once every 24 hours. When they changed the maximum polling interval a bit ago, the maximum is now 1 hour. LogicMonitor did this to overcome some minor reliability problems where a collector was having to hand off a running schedule to itself after a restart of the collector.