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9 years ago

Feature request (inventory report)

Is it possible to create a custom report that will allow me to add fields to the inventory report that show the model number as well as the serial number of my network devices?

I am pulling serial numbers and model number information for my Cisco equipment but so far I've been unable to get this into a report for my inventory. Per support I've been advised to post this as a feature request.

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  • I'll plus one this. I've thought about using an active discovery task and then using the API functionality during that discovery task to update device properties. Interestingly enough LM does system properties that do capture this information but doesn't look like this is customization. That'd really be the idea, add string lookups to be added during device discovery to allow extra device property fields to be populated. 

    Maybe i'll take a stab one day at groovy to crawl the SNMP string and then populate a device property using the RPC API. 

  • Peter, Tom-

    I have a datasource ready to go for Cisco serial numbers.  Tom, it works exactly like you proposed:  an instance value is learned from the device and then written to a host property.  Once it is a property, we can put it in a report.  I have to check about posting procedure within the community, but message me directly and I'll send it to you.    

    I've also got a request in to enhance the ability for reports to be used for inventory.  I think the killer feature is that LM can learn what a device actually has, versus what it supposedly has, as tracked in a asset system.  Getting this info in a single report would allow LM to be used to corroborate the asset tracking system.  Would be amazing to integrate directly with an asset tool, but a report is an OK start.   

    By now you guys have realized- Device Inventory Report lets you do host/ but not learned instance values (like serial numbers).  Metric Trends Report lets you do the instance values, but not the properties.  I want a report that is flexible enough to do both.