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7 years ago

External Service Monitoring DNS Cache Flush option

Please add the option to flush dns on external monitors for service monitoring. When we change an IP of an external service, it takes a while for some spots on Earth to get the update (about 50% of the service checkers), and by that, I mean many many times more than the TTL on the DNS. I'm still waiting and its almost 24 hours since i changed IP on a public record and the 3 of the service checkers are still not showing healthy (other 3 updated a long time ago). In that time that i'm waiting for this to update, our service monitoring is down. I understand i can put it in SDT, but then monitoring is Down for it.

I tried changing the targeted URL the service monitoring was monitoring, then changing it back, but alas, the IP is likely still cached. I tried asking support to flush it, but they said I'd just have to wait. This is disruptive to monitoring.