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8 years ago

Export High-Resolution Data

Hello.  I would like the option to export the raw, high-resolution data for a graph from the Download drop-down.  Currently you have to zoom-in to an 8hr time range to download the raw data.  I know that API calls (for 8 hour windows) are also possible but it would be nice if we could download larger time ranges in one go directly from the GUI.  Specifically, I'm trying to pull in data for 30 day billing periods to independently verify 95th percentile bandwidth calculations from our ISP.  I would like to set the time range to the billing period in question, open the graph for our router's facing interface and download the data.  This would make the new granular data storage engine much more powerful.

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  • I think this data availibility is almost mandatory, at least up to a month's time period.

    When we download montly reports, the data is in four hour blocks. It's okay for trending, but if you are talking about SLA's and other matters involving money, the more accurate the data, the better.