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6 years ago

Export Datetimes for Downtime in a Website Overview Report

For context, I'm a consumer of LogicMonitor csv/excel report exports only - I am required to aggregate my exports outside of LogicMonitor so I can use the availability data from our website endpoint checks to build Tableau Reports.

Thus, it would be incredibly helpful to my organization if I could obtain an export (csv/excel) from LogicMonitor that contained all webservices downtime (NOT aggregated and reported as ##h ##m ##s) with datetimes for each period of missed polls (downtime).

For example, each line in the spreadsheet contain the endpoint details and the start/stop time.  For periods of flapping, each there would be multiple lines for the same endpoint, each with their own start and end times.

Knowing when downtime is occurring AND knowing if it occurred during a scheduled maintenance period are essential pieces of information necessary to advance availability reporting for our cloud applications and ensure we maintain our SLA (which discounts application downtime for planned maintenance).  I draw out my data daily, via a website overview report that excludes SDT from the reported downtime in a csv export.