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9 years ago

Expected Collector Log Size

Hey all,

Just curious what is considered within the realm of healthy/normal for the "C:\Program Files (x86)\LogicMonitor\Agent\logs" folder on a collector machine? Have seen this folder fluctuate from ~500MB to over 1.5GB in size for some collectors. Not entirely sure what causes the fluctuations or at what point something should be considered wrong? Anyone have any notes/recommendations/best practices around this?

Thanks, all!


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  • This is controlled by settings in wrapper.conf.



    # Maximum number of rolled log files which will be allowed before old

    # files are deleted. The default value of 0 implies no limit.


    So by default there is one active file, and 3 "history" files. When the active file reaches 64M, files are rotated.

    Sometimes the max size and number of log files can be changed when people are debugging specific issues, but you can always set them back.

  • Hey Steve,

    Thanks for this information. Is there any risk in deleting the history files or tuning the .maxfiles down to 2 or even 1 as long as data is being shipped up to the LM datacenter reliably?

    Thanks again!


  • There's no risk in reducing the number of files, or deleting past ones.

    They're only there for debugging.

    But - if you do have an issue, and it's a one time issue with the collector, it reduces the window you (or support) has to catch it in the log files, and you may have to wait for it to recur before they can identify it.

    But that's certainly not a common case....