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8 years ago

Exclude in graph


I have a graph that displays the top 10 Memory Utilization servers, ut I want to exclude all the servers with *SQL* in the name or any server that has SQL installed since SQL by default will take all the memory.

How I can do that ?

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  • I succeed to implement it, not sure this is the right way, but it's working

    I configured a new group name “All Windows but SQL” under “Filtered Groups” we have in the devices.
    The filter for this group uses dynamic query
    isWindows() and system.db.mssql != "mssql"

    In the Chart I used this group “Filtered Groups/All Windows but SQL”

  • As Kerry says, you could create a glob in the device field, like 


    which would include all servers with prod in the name, without SQL in the name after it....