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9 years ago

End-user Web Monitoring

We have worked with other monitoring platforms like SolarWinds and CopperEgg that offer a way to collect data or closely simulate web end-user monitoring.

SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor (WPM) borrows the Internet Explorer rendering engine to perform pre-recorded web transactions and return performance data, like how long each web element took to load and render. Their player-based deployment allowed us to deploy monitors in multiple locations.

CopperEgg Real-User Monitoring had us inserting a small javascript snippet to our website html to return transaction data each time the page was accessed.

One of the biggest limitations is that both of these didn't play a long well with Java-based web applications and the main product we sell is Java-based.

I would really love it if LogicMonitor had something similar, especially since LogicMonitor is Java-based itself.