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7 years ago

enable simple UI elements withing logicmodules

I would like to see capabilities added to logicmodules so that custom properties leveraged (device or instance) could be presented as not only possible in the corresponding property definition sections, but ideally presented in a meaningful way.  A very good example of this is the awesome work @Steve Francis did recently for the interfaces module.  Unfortunately, if someone wants to leverage ActualSpeed and such, an ironclad memory or a dive into the LM technical notes and/or source code is necessary.  How cool would it be to indicate the additional custom properties as fields in the UI along with the type of data (fillin field, checkbox, radio buttons, etc.) and some hover text or similar explaining the purpose of those.  If nothing else, additional custom properties available in a scope should be included with the autocompletion -- right now autocompletion for properties is a hardcoded subset of what is actually possible.