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7 years ago

Dynamic Groups management


It'd be great to be able to configure discovery cycle for dynamic groups - I mean, set when group should check if there are any new devices that should belong to this group or if some devices should be excluded.

I was told by Support that right now it's impossible and discovery cycle is somewhat unclear. 

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    Hi Eugene,

    Updates to dynamic groups should be automatic, which should result in the most timely additions/removals from the group.  Currently, the update is triggered by:

    1. when you update the dynamic group and click save

    2. when you add or update a device in your account (including an update to the device's properties)

    Both scenarios should trigger the device membership of the dynamic group to be re-evaluated.  Do you have dynamic groups that are not updating in a timely manner?  If so, can you share the use case?



  • In my case i have a group that includes devices based on such rule "system.totalphysicalmemory =~ "8.00Gb"". I added more RAM to one of the devices (from 8 to 16 Gb) and it took some time - i think, at least several hours - before device was excluded from the group.

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    In that particular case, the dynamic group should've updated as soon as the property value changed.  It's possible that it took some time before the property value was updated - the Collector runs a process that automatically updates properties once a day, and every time after Active Discovery (no matter how it is triggered).  So in your case, if you triggered an Active Discovery execution after updating the RAM for the device, you should've been able to use that to trigger a faster update to the dynamic group - does that make sense?