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7 years ago

Displaying instance level properties on a dashboard

After spending some time trying to display instance level auto properties on an Alert widget on a dashboard, it has just been confirmed to me by Dave Lee that it is not possible and there is currently no way to display instance level properties on a dashboard.

Since auto properties can hold very useful descriptive information detected during active discovery it would be nice to be able to include this on dashboards as additional information.


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  • Agree with Tim, Also it would be extremely useful to be able to use the ##dsidescription## (datasource instance description) within dashboards, our particular use case is for showing WAN/Firewall Interface descriptions (circuit id's) within table widgets etc, this is something else we cannot currently do. 

  • I concur!    This would be an AWESOME feature to have!   We could use this feature to display descriptions of the instances on the "Device Component Inventory" datasource.