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6 years ago

Disk space modules

HI All,

Does anyone know of any datasources that report on how much disk space is available on a drive? I'm setting up a dashboard that has a basic overview of server cpu percentage, memory usage and disk space. I haven't been able to come across anything as of yet. Apologies if it is something that is super obvious - i'm still very new to LM,

Thanks in advance.

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  • There are several but it would depend on the type of device you are monitoring. Most of the time LogicMonitor will automatically add those checks if you check the Resources pag. What type of device are you attempting to monitor? Windows Server? Linux server? Isilion? Netapp? VNXe? etc. Also they may use different terms for disk space like "volumes", "logical volumes", "pools", etc. depending on the type of device.

    When you start first using dashboards, it might be useful to review the various devices on the Resources page and look at the Graph tab. Any of these graphs can added to a dashboard directly from there and tweaked as needed after on the dashboard. Makes it a bit easier to start building out a new dashboards and see what kind of data is available.