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7 years ago

Disabling monitoring for a host

The current method to disable monitoring for a device is to do it through the datasources applied to it. In a scenario where I need to disable monitoring for about 50 devices, it is a lot of manual work to do it this way. A button similar to the "Enable Alerting" button for every device would make this a lot easier. Clicking that button should not remove the device from the system, but should turn off all monitoring for that device and should be capable of being turned on again.

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  • I was working with support on a similar request.  The workaround is to create a device group and assign devices to this group, then at the group level, update the Alert Tuning tab and unselect all dataSources.  The historical information will remain intact until you wish to change the monitoring behavior and alerting [deleting the device or restore monitoring, etc.]