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7 years ago

detect dead datapoints

I cannot express how embarrassing it is to find a datapoint has not been populating precisely when that data is needed, and this is a frequent problem.  LM needs to add a method to easily track down malfunctioning datapoints so we can find and fix these before that happens.  I have previously requested introspection checks so we can monitor longer term trends within datapoints, not just the last N faults.  This could be an extension of that -- an alert if no data in the last <time period>.  Turning on the "no data" option in a datapoint would be too noisy, but knowing a datapoint has had no data for a day would be very valuable information.



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  • We have been caught out by this as well :( , Instances/datapoints that were working but then stop gathering data or shows '0' (zero) in the raw data fields - the ability to report on this &/or be able to create/use a dashboard widget to display failed data gathering instances would be very useful. In an effort to reduce Alert Noise 'No Data' alert notification is only enabled where absolutely necessary as on occasions an individual datapoint may receive 'no data' for 2 or 3 polls before getting data again, so this factor needs to be taken into account aswell.