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8 years ago

Deleting a User Deletes Escalation Destinations Assigned to Integrations

With the current design for assigning Integrations as destinations to escalations, you have to first select a user and then select the Integration - such as an OpsGenie integration. If you later delete the user the Integration is removed as the destination for the escalation with no warning this will happen. This would be bad enough if different users were used for each Integration destination but if you also use a generic account so all escalation destinations going to Integrations use the same generic account - and this account is deleted - you break all your escalation destinations.

At a minimum - LogicMonitor should warn you when deleting a user account that it is tied to an escalation destination and that deleting the account will leave the escalation destination blank (no destination)

It might be better if LogicMonitor prevented you from deleting the user account until you resolved the assignment of the user in the escalation destination (remove / replace the user in the escalation or delete the escalation)

Even better would be if LogicMonitor allowed you to assign Integrations as the destination without also requiring a user account tied to the destination. At least with OpsGenie integrations I can't see any purpose for requiring a user be selected as part of the destination assignment.