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8 years ago

Datapoint - Absolute Delta %

I opened a support request to see if we are able to create a datapoint to show the delta for a given instance.  At this time, this cannot be done without introducing files and scripts to accomplish this task.  I know I can create an alert based off of an absolute delta % but I want something I can graph or put into a table.  This may or may not be doable but it would be nice to create a graph or table to show the delta for a given normal datapoint.  Example would be for interface bandwidth.  Let's say I want to know the absolute delta % for InOctets.  My current value is 1000 bps and my previous value was 500 bps.  The delta datapoint would show 100% abs((1000-500)/500).  Another use case might be for disk space, or memory utilization.

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  • Even I am looking for plotting delta in a given metric rather than actual value. This helps me understand the performance and errors better. This requirement is related to a network tapping device.