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8 years ago

Dashboard local times

We urgently need a way for our regional operations teams to be able to see alert date times in local time.  This a critical requirement as we are a global business and for people outside of the account timezone to be constantly trying to work out the local time of an alert is ridiculous.

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  • This has been requested in other threads and is a big deal for anyone with multiple sites or MSP scenarios (like ours) where clients dare to exist in different timezones.  We really need the above (per user preferred TZ) as well as per device TZ, with charts, alerts, etc properly offset to account for the actual timezone of each device/datapoint pair.  Please!



  • Per-user TZ and DST settings would be great! Correlation between other services not monitored by LM is difficult (think of DevOps team working independent of Networking Team, correlating timestamps of mismatched logs)