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6 years ago

Dashboard Linked Clones

Are there any plans to have linked clones for dashboards?

At the moment we create a template dashboard using tokens and then clone them and then update the token to match what we need to.

The problem is if we make a change to the format of a dashboard, we either have to do it on all of them, or delete all the cloned ones and then clone them out again.

It would make things a lot easier if all the clones were linked back to the master, and an update to layout or widgets on the master was automatically replicated to the cloned templates.

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  • As I sit here, hitting Clone on a dash for 80+ client-centric dashes, half-way realizing a more efficient way of setting up the filter on a singular widget--I need this. 

  • I feel your pain, which is why i simply dug into Powershell + the API's to deal with creating and updating dashboards.