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8 years ago

Custom Services and Device Consolidated View

I really struggled with the title there since it is hard to explain in a few words.  Here is a scenario I hope explains the problem:

* Windows server in a locked down segment, local collector used on-server

* Same server presents various protocols to the outside world (e.g., web, ftp, sftp, etc.).  We want to monitor any/all of these from outside the server to assure clients are able to reach those protocols.


To achieve this now is virtually impossible.  You can setup service checks for just ping and web, but not other protocols.  Even then, services applied to an external hostname have no ready linkage to the internal version of that host (sometimes it makes no sense to do this, but it would be nice if when it does make sense that it can be implemented).  

The only solution I can think of offhand is something akin to PingMulti-, but again, the results of this are bound to the assigned collector(s), not the target device. This makes it painful to know what monitoring is implemented for a specific device, among other issues.

The "custom services" phrase relates to a similar level of abstraction applied to collector-based checks separate from what normally monitors a device, just like ping/web now, but with logicmodule-style configuration.  Either that, or allow designated datasources to be tied to different collectors than the default, somehow.