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8 years ago

Custom Reporting - Graph Sizes

Hello LogicMonitor Team!

Starting to work with the custom reports, I was hoping to see this feature added to the list:

When creating graphs in a word document, I'm noticing that they are hard to format because they are created in one generic size.  It would be great if graphs were created to fit in the container they were placed in (I tried to put the graphs in a table), but I would be equally happy if we could specify a custom height and width for the graph


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    Hi Avandeven,

    Thanks for posting! This is definitely something we are looking into improving (along with a few other things) for custom report templates. Our current thinking is to provide the ability to specify the size in relation to the page width; 1/3, 1/2/, or full. This would then scale the graph accordingly to fit that space and allow for graphs to be placed next to each other. Would this work for you?



  • Sorry for the delayed response.

    This would be great! If you're already there and can add support for a custom pixel width, that might not be a bad idea too for people who'd like to get picky!

    Thanks again!