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8 years ago

Custom Report for Cleared

I need a report that will show me ONLY the automatically cleared alerts over a given time period (varies).

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  • Hi Tim - It's possible our current alert report can be configured to get you what you need, but we need some more specifics. All alerts will clear automatically over time, only EventSources can be cleared with an acknowledgement but they will auto-clear after a set time range regardless.  Are you looking for alerts that cleared without an acknowledgement action?  Or is there another condition you're trying to capture?

  • I need a report that will generate every morning for all the alerts that cleared overnight without someone touching them. Our day ends at 5pm and beings at 8am. i need a report that will run every morning that will let me know what happened overnight. We are trying to clean up alert thresholds to see if we are alerting too early or too late or if we are alerting with an incorrect severity based on each of our customers needs.