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6 years ago

Custom button/link on an alarm or custom menu on a device

Custom button on an alarm or custom menu on a device
Is it possible to add a custom button onto an alarm to run an action? e.g. where "Explore Maps", "Add Note", "Put in SDT", "Escalate", "Acknowledge" are located.

Is it possible to add an item to the device view? e.g. when go to the device and view Host Status, there is an Acknowledge button. Could we add another button here?
or could we add another item to the drop down menu? e.g. where "Manage Device", "Add monitored Instance", etc, are displayed.

The action for both would be a custom http delivery integration.


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  • There is not a built in way. You would have to write an extension to your browser or use something like GreaseMonkey or UserScripts.