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7 years ago

Custom Alerts for ConfigSources

Hey LM team,

There are a number of options to customize what is in a service alert as well as a data source alert, but config source? Nope, can't modify what gets sent. All it says is that a change was made and gives you a link to the device. A couple things I think would be beneficial as a new feature,

  1. 1. Being able to put what lines were added or removed right in the alert. For simple configs you can then tell right away if you need to take action or not.
  2. 2. Have the link in the alert actually bring you to the diff view of the current and last config state. While having to click through the multiple links and then slide the diff view slider is fairly painless, at 3am on my phone it can add to the sleepy frustration level.

Basically just bringing some of the flexibility that alert templates have for data sources and services to the config sources.



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  • Seconded!  ConfigSources could be a really powerful tool, but the only reason I'm not using it much is because I can't customize the alert notification content.  Context is everything in monitoring.