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7 years ago

Custom Alert Message - Auto Fill

When changing a Datapoints Alert Message from "Use default templates" to "Customized", I think it would be great if the Customized alert message was then populated with the preexisting template. I know you can copy/paste this form the Message Templates, but in a theoretical situation where we have a colleague who has 'Manage' permissions to LogicModules and not Message Templates, this isn't an option. Additionally, it takes out a step, worst case you are left deleting the auto fill text, but I suspect most are using one or more of the tokens in their custom alert messages. 

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  • Thanks for the feedback and good idea Patrick.  When we look at revamping the Alert Messaging capabilities we'll definitely take this into considerations.


  • Yep, I'd like this too. Could the textbox to edit the message also be made taller by default. I always need to drag the text box to make it taller to edit.  Making it taller by default will save time.