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7 years ago

Custom Alert-Groups for SDT

When we reboot a Server or a Application Set our NOC does not know all the Devices, Instances and/or services impacted so we get flooded with alerts for a known event.

Example:  I need to reboot device WebServer-xyz - The Server, the Switch ports, Storage Sessions and HTTP/S Service are all monitored in LM
Like to be able to SDT just these items with one SDT, and not entire switches or devices.

So be able to create an "Alert-Group" ie "WebServer-xyz" where you can then add Instances from multiple devices, entire device, Service, Instance Groups, Device Group aka any defined in LM.

Then just Add one SDT to the Alert-Group  aka one-stop-shopping.


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    Hi Dave,

    We're working on an upcoming feature that will allow grouping together an application set to enable a more service-oriented approach to alerting and monitoring. The ability to set an SDT on this group, as described in the example you've provided, should be included. We'll provide additional updates once we've made more progress.