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6 years ago

CSV exports with tabular data

Most often, when people export to a csv or excel format their intent is to receive table data in a tabular format because they're going to pivot it out, chart it, or conduct some sort of analytics/BI function.

It would be nice if your csv exports didn't require manipulation of the data to remove erroneous data/whitespace for consumability as a table datasource.  This is specifically a problem in Website Overview reports.

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  • If this hasn't been noticed, can I move it to a forum that is meant to bring attention to problems with your system?  Aside from this being in the "Feature Requests" forum - it's more of a FIX since your exports of tabular data are incorrectly formatted.

    CSV is for table data, not white-space.  Maybe try outputting your content with white-space into a PDF and keep your CSV/XLSX exports tabular?