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8 years ago

Configure LM to send notifications when there's 2 consecutive CPU alerts

Good Day LM community,

I've encountered a challenge on managing alert notifications for CPU spikes on LM. I'm currently receiving several alerts for CPU spikes and will eventually clear up in less than a minute.

Is there any way to configure CPU alerts to send notifications if 2 consecutive alerts were triggered on the same device?



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  • Hi Mac - The biggest question here is if the alerts are being generated from a single instance.  If so, you can adjust the trigger interval to decrease the frequency of alerts.  If the alerts are coming from different instances, there's not a ton of help I can offer right now - but I can tell you we are actively working on ways to decrease alert noise and account for dependencies / relationships in the alert evaluation.  Keep your ears open for more info this year.

  • Good Day Annie - Appreciate the prompt response. Seems like the feature we're looking for is on the enhancements you are currently working. Looking forward to see those alerting enhancements in the future.