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5 years ago

Configuration Change Report

I like the ability to display side by side comparisons of device configuration changes. If this could be made into a report, that would meet our financial auditors compliance standards.

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  • I am not sure if you are talking about LMConfig or device (resource) settings or something else.  For LMConfig, we had to solve this by using the API to download configurations, then committing to a git repo (local gitlab instance) with post-commit hooks for notifications.  Sadly, this reveals numerous flaws in the LMConfig process, which we have to work around by detecting and skipping bad updates prior to saving for repo commit.  For device settings, we have a similar method where we regularly download devices and other endpoints from the API.  If you mean yet another thing, like actual target device configuration details not handled by LMConfig, then LMConfig may be a good option for tracking those (but may require a custom module or two).

  •  In resources, under the device you can view the configuration changes that were made. If this could be exported into a viewable report that generates every time a config change detected, we could meet our auditors requests. 

  • This is what our tool handles -- uses the API to download, then the checkin to git is done, which generates the reports.  I had published this via github a while back, just ran a refresh with code changes we've made in the interim, plus a change suggested by someone here to abstract the property name we use to split changes per client.