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7 years ago

Conditional alerting

We recently had this question asked to support

"Is it possible to set conditional alert thresholds for a certain datapoints? For example for all servers, the "AvailableGB" under Disks > Volume Usage > Alert Tuning. If we wanted volumes that are...

- Up to 100GB total in size, the alert threshold is 10GB 
- 101GB - 500GB total in size, the alert threshold is 40GB 
- 501GB - 3TB total in size, the alert threshold is 200GB 
- 3TB - 10TB total in size, the alert threshold is 400GB"


Out of  the box , then no we dont support this. Our standard thresholds would alert you on 90% used space, but imagine being woken up at 3 in the morning by a phone call from Logicmonitor telling you that you need to get up and sort out some storage as your 35 TB only has 3500 GB free.


Nearly time to wake up!!


But what you can do is use our Instance Level Properties in conjunction with our groovy scripted datapoints to set your lower limits exactly like this.

First lets look at the ILP.

You can quickly add them into any wmi datasource here.


This creates an automatic property in the info tab of each volume listing the capacity.

Here you can see this volume capacity of 35184235765760 bytes or just over 35 terabytes.

Now we can add a complex datapoint that references this capacity

Basically it applies a lower limit of 400 GB on all drives, then reduces it if the capacity in bbytes is below certain amount

A 35TB drive would return 400, a 100GB drive would return 10.

So now you have a threshold for lower limits based on the size of the volume.

Now you can use a second complex datapoint.

If(lt(AvailableGB,FreeSpaceLowerLimitGigabyte),1,0) means if the AvailableGB is less than the FreeSpaceLowerLimitGigabyte return 1 otherwise return 0.


Suppose your C drive is 80 GB and you F drive was 35TB.

Set a threshold of = 1 1 1 and you will get a critical alert if your C drive is less than 10GB, or if your F drive is less than 400GB. All automatically applied and alerted on




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  • @David Lee Thank you for this, I might have to play around with implementing this for a few of my DS's...

    Along with conditional formatting I would love to see the ability to say:

    • if threshold is < X or > than Y
    • if threshold is > X and < Y
    • if threshold for DP1 is < than X AND threshold for DP2 is < than Y. (right now I use a comlex datapoint and put my thresholds in there.. if dp1 is lower than X and dp2 is lower than Y return a 0 or 1 based on true/false statements... its ugly and confusing :/ )
  • The idea behind this post is also what I figured out on my own, however, I want to see the amount remaining in the message that gets sent in the alert.

    Will there ever be any kind of free-form secondary return value that can be passed along with the alert?

    Evaluate this value against these thresholds - send this other value/string if threshold is met (and maybe even per threshold).

    I really only see this being needed for variably sized storage.

    We have previously used what is below, but we also had a column for "performance data."

    when percent_free < 5 and gb_free < 5 then 0 -- critical
    when percent_free < 10 and gb_free < 15 then 1 -- warn
    else 3 -- ok