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5 years ago

Collector Sizes Changed?

Did the collector memory sizes change at some point?  All of the calculations I've been doing for a 'source I'm writing has been looking at the medium collector as a 2Gb deployment and large as 4Gb.  When I look in the collector configuration, the UI reads 4 and 8 respectively.  Did I miss a memo?  Does that change my instance threshold calculations for ABCGs?

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  • I was reading through that looking for the answers yesterday... wasn't finding it for this purpose.  Specifically in another thread (and in a support chat as well), we were talking ABCG thresholds and the calculation I was presented had 2Gb for the Mediium and 4Gb for Large.  I have to find the specific line in the collector config that I can use to read that dynamically so it's more portable.

  • That's the value I ended up pulling to perform the calculation.  I don't thing the math cares which is used so long as the ratio between them is the same.  4:8 vs 2:4 seems to be the same so far as the math is concerned.