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8 years ago

Collector optimization

Would it be possible to architect the logic monitor collectors so that a Managed Network Service Provider can cluster collectors together to create one logical giant collector?  Logically, the collector will act as one but physcially be comprised of multiple.  This can offer better reliability, scalability, and manageability.


With the current Logicmonitor collector model, when we reach the capacity of our agent collector, our options are to provide additional resources or spin up a new collector for the additional monitoring work loads.  This creates a new physical and logical instance of the collector.  Now, the staff, would need to be notified not to use the primary collector due to resource constraints. If collectors can ultimately be clustered a user interface could be added to manage the logical instance and assign devices to the resources. This can avoid confusion of going thru a long list of large collectors and have a single logical collector to choose from. 


-BCMOne Team