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6 years ago

Collector IP address / Interface

Is it possible to specify an IP address or interface that the Collector should use for ping and website checks?
The server that I have a Collector on has 2 IP address, for general network and a second for iSCSI connected to a storage network.
I'm getting a few false alarms because the collector is trying to ping using the iSCSI IP address.

Anyone know of a solution rather than moving the Collector to another server?


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  • Perhaps you can use routing tables on the collector host itself? At the OS level.

  • I understand what you're sating but the iSCSI interface on my server doesn't have a default gateway assigned. Windows wouldn't normally be using it try and send traffic to a routed IP address. 
    My only thought is that LogicMonitor is forcing this interface to be used.

  • Hmm not sure, wouldn't expect collector/java to force an interface. I didn't see anything obvious in the collector config files either.