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8 years ago

Collector dynamic groups


Collector groups were added recently, and are detailed here: a href="" rel="">

Now let's expand upon that functionality...What if collectors be grouped dynamically? Identically to how Devices dynamic groups work, could I assign properties to collectors, then build dynamic groups based from the properties? Ways that envision sorting collectors:
Production/test, primary/backup, collector number (1-99, 100-199, 200-299, etc.), zip code, time zone, alphabetical.

In each of these cases, this would give full flexibility on how collector upgrades are scheduled. Currently if we have a mass collector upgrade to a new General Release, it can be a little painful to manage so many upgrades running simultaneously (or at least in very short order).

I am most interested in being able to split them up into primary, backup and single collector groups. This way, I know that it's pretty safe to upgrade the collectors that have backups after hours, since there is another collector to failover to. And I surely want to be available staff-wise if I am doing upgrades for those collectors that have no backup collector.
Close behind sorting into primary/backup/single is the need to sort them by customer (which currently works fine).

The issue is that you can't put a collector into more than one group, which precludes from even setting up these to items manually.

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  • Having dynamic groups for Collectors would be great.  I would like to have dynamic groups for

    • Collectors that are down
    • Collectors that have 0 devices
    • Based on collector custom properties