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7 years ago

Collector configuration monitoring DataSources

These are not ConfigSources. They do not record, store, alert on changes to, let you view historic (etc) config files. If that's what you're after and you have LM Config, take a look here: a href="" rel="">

These, however, are DataSources that read and parse out certain values from certain Collector .conf files, that let you quickly see a few key settings without having to look at and scroll through the config files. Graphs can show you how values have been changed over time.

Mostly these are for information only, although there are a couple of useful alert thresholds set.

All have AppliesTo of hasCategory("collector")



v1.0.0: PYXRR4

Reads a few key values from agent.conf and wrapper.conf, such as any restart setting, logger size, SB Proxy connector capacity and Java max heap.

Will generate a warning alert if the SB Proxy connector capacity may need increasing due to a large Java max heap size.Additionally monitors the ID of the collector being used to monitor the collector device and alerts if the collector is being monitored by a different collector (we strongly recommend collectors monitor themselves).



v1.0.0: DM76FY

Reads the enable setting (true|false, mapped to 1|0), threadpool and timeout settings for each collection method (snmp, wmi, script, etc) defined in the collector's agent.conf file.Will generate a warning alert for any collection method disabled in the config.



v1.0.0: N4ENYL

Similar to the above, reads the enable setting and threadpool for event collecting tasks.

Will generate a warning alert for any that are disabled in the config.