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6 years ago

Cohesity Support

Hello all,


Are there any plans to make an integration with Cohesity?

We are implementing a lot of Cohesity setups and we would like to monitor these setups in LogicMonitor.

Has anyone already developed some integrations for Cohesity?


Thanks a lot in advance!

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  • We are onboarding a customer currently that is using Cohesity.

    The default Linux SNMP datasources pick up CPU, Disks, Interfaces and Memory.

  • @Joe Williams Thanks a lot for your reply!

    It is good to know I can already use SNMP, I will try to use that soon.

    But I hope to see more features in the future, so we can log the backup process etc.

  • Just wanted to add another vote for increased integration.  I'd love to be able to see status of backups on dashboard/generate alerts for failed with Logicmonitor and Cohesity.  We're trying to use/justify logicmonitor as a "at a glance" health monitor for critical items, and this would certainly help.