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7 years ago

Clearing Alerts Manually

Hey guys! 

So I wanted to bring up the idea of clearing alerts manually. I searched the feature requests threads and haven't really found an answer or a thread that matched what I was looking for so I thought I would take a shot at doing one of these. Apologies in advance if this has been discussed already.. Or if I don't make much sense. I'm fairly new to using the platform so I might not be fully up to speed with all the lingo.

So let me explain a bit of what brought me to this request..

I have set up monitoring on our virtual machines to monitor CPU usage by percentage (x\100). I then have an alert setup to indicate a stuck process which would shoot out an alert if a data point hasn't changed (+/-3%) on the next 3 intervals (which is set to 3 minutes). The alert clears if it changes after the next 4 intervals.

The process above has been working great so far but I quickly realized that we didnt really care about anything stuck between 0-50%.. we only wanted to focus on values that were stuck at 50% or above. I then changed the valid value range to be between 5000-10000 (50-100%) which produced a lot more productive results. 

I did notice that CPU's which did end up being stuck within the 50-100% range, then clear to a value outside of the valid value range (X<50) then this would produce NO DATA thus having the initial alert stay in limbo forever. You could manually clear them by going to the device and toggle alerting on the device off and on again.. but doing that for a large amount of alerts takes a lot of time. I'm okay with the way I have it set up (but I do believe that the above may be a bug..) I just kind wished we could manually clear alerts from the alerting window without having to take extra steps. Maybe something next to the acknowledge button?

I might have jumbled this up so please ask if I need to clarify any of the information above. I can provide screenshots if needed as well.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!


TL;DR = Let us manually clear alerts from the alert window without having to go into specific devices and toggle alerting.


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    Hi- thanks for posting (and for providing such a comprehensive context for your question - it's quite helpful)!

    Alerts clear when the datapoint value changes to fall outside of the alert threshold criteria - we don't count No Data as such, because in this case LogicMonitor doesn't actually have a value to compare to the alert threshold criteria.  Because you've defined the valid value range, any value outside of that range is reported as No Data - hence the issue.  Ideally, you'd update your alert criteria such that alerts are only triggered if something is stuck between 50-100%, instead of using the valid value range to control when you receive alerts (as you likely still want monitored data outside of the valid value range).  We're still working on making this easier, but here's a related topic with a solution that I think will work for you too: a href="" rel="">

    In general, LogicMonitor alerts are active until monitored data indicates that the issue has cleared - which is why we don't allow the manual clearing of alerts.  You can respond to alerts with an acknowledgement (we recommend you use this to indicate that the cause of an alert is understood and a solution is in progress) or scheduled down time (we recommend you use this to indicate that the cause of an alert is understood, but there is no immediate solution). 

    Let us know if you have additional questions.  Thanks!