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8 years ago

Cisco WLC - Users per AP

Hello, I'm a new user.

Started monitoring a Cisco WLC5508 and it did a good job of picking up the APs.

We need to see how many users are on each AP to verify they are not oversubscribed.  LM has a "Top 10" graph that shows how many users per AP radio, and there are 2 radios per AP at the site.  Is there a way to see this for ALL APs, and is there a way to see it by AP and not by radio? 

Any feedback would be appreciated.


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  • Hi there,

    One way to change the way you can visualize this would be to use custom graph widgets on a dashboard. You should be able to combine or divide the AP Radio instances among graph widgets on a dashboard to meet the needs you mentioned.

    Good luck,