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5 years ago

Cisco UCS Manager

For those that are monitoring Cisco UCS, using...

are you finding that the default mapping sequence of minor and warning are out of order? 

def severity_map = [
        "cleared"  : 0,
        "info"     : 1,
        "condition": 2,
        "minor"    : 3,
        "warning"  : 4,
        "major"    : 5,
        "critical" : 6

And perhaps making the above point somewhat moot, that the thresholds are too low out-of-the-box?

  • Quote


    • You monitor all faults of either critical or major severity status, as immediate action is not required for minor faults and warnings.
    • You monitor faults that are not of type Finite State Machine (FSM), as FSM faults will transition over time and resolve.



I know we can tune these and filter out the FSMs, curious if these defaults make sense to anyone.

Thanks - Dave