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6 years ago

Cisco UCS CIMC Datasource

We would like a datasource for monitoring alerts form Cisco UCS Server CIMC cards.  This would help make us aware of hardware issues on Cisco Servers much quicker



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  • I'm pretty sure we already have that. I helped a prospective customer set that up last week. You might need to set a category or property. Please contact our tech support. I can help if needed.  This category can be set manually or it can be set automatically based on the SNMP SysOID.

  • Can confirm, once SNMP is setup on the individual CIMC's (standalone 'C' Series etc) and that you have added the CiscoUCS category to the device you will then get the UCS Component Health datasources applying - we have been using this for some time now.

    CIMC's that are part of 'B' series (Blades) managed by UCS Manager pick up the config from this and hardware health of the blades show under the overall UCS view.